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Debbie Carter

In honor of My son, who is a police officer.

My son was shot in the Planned Parenthood shooting on November 27, 2015. He and his family spent Thanksgiving with us the day before. Such a joyous occasion. That phone call came, the nightmare call I dreaded as the mother of a police officer.

He answered the call that a shooter was killing people. One of the first officers on site, Robert Dear was waiting for him. He killed three people and injured nine, including my son. He survived but has been left with physical scars that will always be a reminder of that horrific day.

Robert Dear is the poster boy for a broken system of gun laws. He sits in a mental hospital, found incompetent to stand trial. He had a cache of guns in his car, should have never had access to those guns. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones to gun violence. Bless you, and my prayer is you will find healing in your grief.

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