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Debbie Weir

This is the last photo taken of my dad at a wonderful family event filled with love, laughter and sheer joy. Six weeks later, he took his own life with a gun.

At that time, we did not know how much he was struggling with health issues. My dad was the ultimate caregiver of our immediate and extended family, neighbors and friends. When thinking about my dad, I truly believe that he could not tolerate needing to be cared for rather than him caring for others. Life has forever changed without him. I greatly miss calling him and and hearing his voice.

Eleven years later, I still have the urge to dial his number and talk. At the end of our calls, he would always say “love you, miss you and he would blow a kiss.” I am grateful for all that he did for our family and the lessons that he taught us by his example every day. Now, my sons live in two different states across the country. At the end of our phone calls and texts, I always say “love you, miss you, and I blow a kiss.”

With gratitude for my Dad –  xxoo

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