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I am not sure I’m considered a survivor by some because I wasn’t in the school the day of the shooting. I would say I am. On December 13, 2018, I received the most horrifying text a parent can receive: My son telling me that the school was on lockdown and there was an active shooter at his sister’s school. I made contact with her and then I waited, helpless, not knowing what was to come. Heartache, anger and fear consumed me that day and for days to come. Four hours after the shooter entered the building, exchanged fire and took his own life, I was finally reunited with my daughter.

The days, weeks, months and just recently a year that followed have been some of the hardest I’ve ever known. The trauma my child experienced is heartbreaking. She is brave and using her voice to try and change laws. Together we have come out of the dark place that consumed us for a long time, and now we are more than survivors — we are fighters. I pray for peace and strength for all who have been affected.

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