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Debra Butler Cureton

In memory of JEFFREY X BUTLER JR Jeffreybutlerfoundation.webs.com

My name is Debra Butler. My son Jeffrey X. Butler, at the age of 19, his life was taken from his family. On July 9, 2011, he was gunned down along with his friend Demetruis Chrystal, in Englewood. Jeffrey was on his way to drop his friend off at home so he could go to work. He worked as a health aide. He took care of mentally challenged people; he worked for Ada S. McKinley. Jeffrey loved his job, Jeffrey brought gifts, etc., Jeffrey had a passionate heart. He was so loved by everyone he came in contact with. Jeffrey wanted to work so he could pay for his own way to college, because he felt like I made too much at the United States Postal Service. Jeffrey would have attended NIU College in August 2012. Jeffrey was a smart, intelligent, outgoing person. He was an honor student, a mentor to young boys. Jeffrey left behind a wonderful daughter Jaharmoney Butler, at the age of 5 months, who never got a chance to love her daddy.

Very tearful right now. (Mom.) Missing his favorite words, I love you ❤️, every time he would leave the house! RIP my son, the family misses you so much!!!! Love Mommy!

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