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Delma G Lozano

In memory of Rosie Galvan Loera

My sister Rosie was a victim of horrid physical abuse. Since day one of meeting him, he would beat her horribly. One day he beat her with a gun. He thought he had killed her because she went unconscious. He killed himself. When she came to, he was dead. She was never the same after that day; her kids were not the same.

My sister turned to drugs, not wanting anything to do with her family. We tried to help her, but she did not want the help and she would get scary angry. I asked her one day: Why do you do this to yourself? She said, I don’t want to feel anything. There is a lot to this story; I am writing the main parts. My sister needed help, and her kids needed help, but they refused. My sister’s face was not the same after that night. It was different. We always wanted for her to go to counseling, but she refused. My sister passed away in September. The drugs finally killed her. She feels no pain at last …

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