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Diana Earl

In memory of Dedrick DeShon

Dedrick was a giver—always willing to help anyone in need, especially those that were less fortunate. When we would go visit my parents, he would leave, and I would assume he was out with friends. Then I realized that he was visiting the elderly neighbors. They would have great conversations, and Dedrick lit up their lives when they saw him. These Dallas Cowboys shoes were his favorite to wear around the house, all the time, to the point where he wore them out. He loved and respected the Cowboys, having been to numerous camps and games, and getting numerous autographs from new, seasoned and retired players.

Dedrick’s life was tragically taken while visiting a friend across town. The friend’s upstairs neighbor was angry at my son’s friend about burnt ashes that were placed on his car. Dedrick was trying to diffuse the situation, but the neighbor went and retrieved his gun and threatened to blow their heads off. As Dedrick went upstairs to reason with him, he shot my son on the steps. Dedrick was not the center of the argument. He was being a big brother and trying to protect his friend when he was killed.

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