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Diana Munoz

In honor of Erika Damaris Mong justiceforerika.com

Erika Damaris Mong: February 10, 1994 – November 27, 2014

Let me tell everyone about my daughter Erika Damaris Mong.

She was born in February 10, 1994. She was always happy and never let you down. My baby was looking forward to the future and her 21st birthday.

My beautiful young baby, full of life, Erika proved to be an amazing daughter and friend. She helped me with everything around the house and always asked me if there was anything I needed.

My kind, considerate and loving daughter, Erika.

My kind, considerate and loving daughter was still growing into a woman, but sadly, her life was taken away from her too soon. She never let you down and always kept a smile on her face. I knew her future would have been bright had it not been for so many irresponsible individuals.

She was full of laughter, excitement and joy, and her personality truly made her one-of-a-kind — she was an original.

Erika was always excited and happy, which made me very happy. She made the best of anything and everything. She was a people person and loved everyone. She is my daughter and always will be my daughter.

Let’s bring justice for my daughter Erika, who was shot in 2014.

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