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Diane Morgan Jimenez

In memory of Victoria Aguilar Jimenez Stampley Moms Against Gun Violence

My stepdaughter called some friends to come pick her up from a
Southtown Bar around 2:00 a.m. They drove her home to the end of her street. As she got out of the car, a gun went off, and four shots to her body rendered her dead. This was in February 2022.

I am so tired of gun violence. I am a 72-year-old grandmother of four, and I wake up every morning worried that these little kids who are asking for a ride home from a bar, as innocent as that sounds, can lead to such a horrendous outcome. MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN, BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN are being gunned down, and we still have congressmen saying “people always blame the guns.” Well, yes, it is the choice of weapon — easily acquired, by people who walk into a gun shop and picks out their gun of choice. PAY ATTENTION. Why would the gun shops sell to such notably deranged people?

3. Ongoing online checks by FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, GOOGLE, ETC.
4. 50 lawmakers have stopped a two-year-old bill sitting unmoved.

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