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Donna Haynes

DMV Mothers Like Me

My son, Cameron, was shot in the head and left for dead after an attempted armed robbery on August 4, 2018. After a number of major surgeries and many grueling months of rehabilitation, my son miraculously survived and continues on his road to recovery.

He was a 19-year college student at the time of his injury, and his path has been diverted, to say the least. However, his resilience and will to live have not allowed him to give up. The initial devastation that this tragedy caused our family was overwhelmingly unbearable. We all became survivors in our own right as his caregiver, medical advocate and constant support system.

Cameron’s story is truly one of hope and inspiration. He is in the 5 percent of those who survive this type of traumatic brain injury; within that small population, he’s among the 3 percent of those who have a good quality of life. Cameron is here for a reason. So in his honor, we cannot give up this fight to end senseless gun violence in our communities. My son’s life matters! #CamStrong

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