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Donte Lejon Green Jr., aka Lil 4tay or Young 4Tay

In honor of Donte Green Jr

Donte’s life was taken away at the age of 29, a week after his birthday, on May 16, 2021, in Kent, Washington, at a hookah bar early one Sunday morning.

Donte was a loving and caring person for people and dogs and cats. He was a very adventurous young man who loved a challenge to do something good. Donte had no children, but he had family and friends who loved him and cherished him dearly. Donte was a bright young man who always wanted more for himself and his family and friends. Donte was a friend — even though he was my son, he was a friend to me.

Donte was the first to be born of my seven children and my first to go to heaven. Donte is missed in many ways and will always be missed because of the person he was while he was here. Unfortunately, Donte will never live to fulfill his full potential in life because someone decided to end his young life with acts of gun violence.

I love you firstborn, always and forever, son.

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