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Dr. D

In memory of Jacob

As an educator, I revel in my students exploring and creating their future. The last time I saw Jacob, he and two of his classmates were practicing which forks to use for salad at prom. The Three Amigos were graduating from high school in three weeks. He had a bad day – toothache, truck stalled and finally an argument with mom. In a flash, he grabbed dad’s gun and put it to his head. He won the argument and lost his life.

Mom said at the funeral, holding his hand, that if he had one minute to think about it, he would have caught his mistake.

He missed his dad who died three years prior, but his guns were still loaded and available. He leaves behind a grieving mom and girlfriend; several vital organs; a bright future and scholarship and a room full of classmates who could stop gun violence or be next. We hope someone gives them a minute to think…

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.