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Dr. Mittie Davis Jones

In honor of Charles Edward Harris, Jr.

Charles Edward Harris, Jr. was known as Chuck by his mother’s side of the family, and Lil Chill by his father’s side. Chuck was my great-nephew, son of my niece, Toniqua Davis (a police sergeant in Detroit) and grandson of my sister, DeBorah Davis. Chuck moved from Clinton Township, Michigan, to Arlington, Texas, in late 2014, seeking opportunities.

On January 20, 2015, Chuck turned 21 years old. We had hoped to see him for his grandmother’s 60th birthday party in April, but he was unable to attend. On May 3, 2015, our family received word that he passed away from a gunshot wound. This was devastating to his mother, his grandmother, his two brothers and all of his family members and loved ones. Chuck was happy in his new location and described one of his jobs working at the Cowboys’ Stadium as his dream job. He had recently informed his mother of plans to pursue higher education and of his spiritual growth. The truth behind what led to his death is still unknown, and we are still awaiting justice. But our love for him will never die.

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