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Dyamond Hamilton (90 Splitz)

In honor of Dyamond Hamilton Save a Dyamond Foundation

My name is Monique Hamilton, and my daughter Dyamond Hamilton was killed by gun violence. She moved to Vegas to start a new journey in life and to pursue her music. She was really doing well and was putting her music and name out there. She was killed on March 2, 2023, by her roommate.

This was not a domestic relationship. They were just roommates; my daughter was gay and never had been with a man. She wanted him to move out, and he would not go. His name was not on the lease; it was her apartment. She gave him a 30-day notice, and he still would not leave. He killed her two days after my 50th birthday and the day before she was planning to come home to surprise me for my birthday party. She was 24 years old — so much life to live — and he killed her over what? Twenty-two times he shot at her, and 17 bullets entered my baby, all from the back. I still can’t believe it, and it has been 10 months. He is out on bond since September, and the trial is not until June.

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