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Edward Sean Aiken

Moms Demand Action

My son was murdered on July 18, 2018, three days after his 28th birthday. He was shot in the back, picked up and taken away for hours, and then shot in the head. The person or persons who did this brought him back near his home and laid him in a small ditch. His murder has not been solved, and I live with this everyday.

Joining Moms Demand Action has helped me tremendously. I was angry and hurt, my grief was unimaginable, but through the grace of God, after five years, I have accepted he isn’t coming back.

I miss him every day.

I choose to use this pain to help others — no one should have to bury a child.

His name will live on because I am going to fight to help others understand. I’m not against anyone protecting themselves with a gun; I’m against bad people having guns. I’m against young kids carrying guns, shooting others. It makes the other children have to carry guns to protect themselves.

Edward Sean Aiken was my firstborn, and I miss him everyday.

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