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Emily Casey

In memory of Jessica

My sister Jessica was a loving, faith-filled and hardworking mother, sister, daughter, leader and more. In September 2007 she was shot by her husband during a child handoff. He and his dad (the approved supervisor for the handoffs) had come to pick up the kids for the weekend, and he sent his dad into the house get Jessica. When she came outside, her husband had gotten a gun from the back of the car, and he shot her twice in front of their two young boys, ages 4 and 7. A neighbor tried to save her but was unsuccessful.

Her husband purchased the gun legally and was not required to submit a background check. He should never have been allowed to own a firearm due to his history of self-harm and previous physical violence towards Jessica.

Becoming involved with Moms Demand Action has given me an outlet for meaningful action to honor my sister. I will continue to educate others on gun violence prevention as well as to be an advocate for legislation like background checks on all gun sales and red flag laws. Had these laws been in place at the time, Jessica might still be here today.

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