September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.  Read and share stories to honor survivors whose loved ones died by gun suicide.

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Emma Maria Destiny Dominguez

In memory of Emma Maria Destiny Dominguez

May 11, 2022 forever changed my life. My daughter Emma Maria Destiny Dominguez, who was only 18, was murdered, taken from me and her siblings, family and friends who loved her dearly due to gun violence. She had a whole life ahead of her, she was the best daughter I could have asked for. Beautiful smile, beautiful heart.

We miss her dearly. It’s been so hard to live without her knowing that she’s gone forever. Hurts so bad. You don’t just lose them once, you lose them over and over again. Grief is so random, you never know what your day’s going to be like. I’ll never be who I was when I had my daughter. Living without her is the hardest thing ever to do. Her passing has impacted me to its fullest.


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