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Eric Stemen

In memory of Tara Cutlip

My daughter, Tara Cutlip, was shot and killed by gun violence on April 6, 2013. She was a victim of domestic violence. She was only 21 years old. A mother of a two-year-old little boy, who witnessed the brutal murder. She was seven months pregnant with a daughter at that time; she was brutally shot, multiple times, directly in her belly.

Her life, taken away too soon. Ripped away from loved ones. A boy, never to know his birth mother but only from memories and stories from family. Brothers and sisters having a sibling taken away forever, never to have a big sister to look up to anymore. Parents living with the gut-wrenching feeling of losing a child. A feeling that never subsides and never gets easier. The thoughts of never being a grandparent to our unborn granddaughter. Tears and emotions well up at the sight of little girls in princess dresses. Never to see our daughter continue to grow into the beautiful young woman and mother she was becoming. Sadness and anger still exist. She continues to be in our hearts and memories only. #Justice4Tara

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