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Faith Liliana Monreal

In memory of Faith

Where do I start? I still wait for my daughter to walk through our door. She was my firstborn, so beautiful, loved to dance, draw and bake. She loved animals; her lifelong dream was to be a veterinarian.

My daughter Faith lost her life at the age of 15. December 11, 2021, was the day I received a call from the Hutto police department that my daughter was shot in the head by her friend. What was supposed to be a harmless sleepover with a friend since middle school turned to a nightmare.

Never in a million years would I imagine having to watch my child suffer and fight for her life in a hospital bed for two months, until her body couldn’t fight anymore. All because of these irresponsible, negligent people leaving their loaded guns out on the nightstand and not teaching their child that guns are not toys. Yet she decided to still point the gun at my daughter’s head, thinking it was funny, and my daughter paid the ultimate price with her life. So please lock up your guns. It can save a life! I miss you so much.

05/7/06 – 2/11/22

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