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Families Left Behind

In honor of Ladarius Cowart Families Left Behind NFP

A Shot in the Dark At Bowen Park

My name is Leatrice. My 18-year-old son, LaDarius, was murdered June 6, 2021. LaDarius had a soul of kindness and offered understanding and compassion as a means of support for his friends and family. He played football throughout high school and loved to dance.

A life shattered! Ladarius’ life was taken by the hands of another. He was not the intended target. Unfortunately, when someone makes a conscious decision to shoot in the dark in a park with people around, this can very well be the outcome.

This was the outcome for our family. Left behind to navigate life without our loved one. As a mom, this has been extremely difficult. Along the pathway of healing there was a need — a desire to support other families that have been impacted by gun crimes in our communities. We established a nonprofit in honor of LaDarius called: Families Left Behind NFP. Our mission is to offer advocacy, support and non-clinical services for families that have lost a loved one by gun violence in our communities.

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