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Fedonta "JB" White

In memory of Fedonta "JB" White JB White Be Kind and Give Back Foundation

In the early morning hours of August 1, 2020, my cousin, JB White, was shot and killed at a house party by another teen who had easy access to guns. JB was 18 years old and was a week away from attending college at the University of New Mexico, where he planned to continue his education and play Division I basketball.

I’ll never forget the moment, Saturday morning, as my mom and husband sat me down to tell me the horrific news. My mom started to say that JB had been shot, and just then, my son ran into the kitchen yelling, “JB IS DEAD?!” At that moment, life was changed forever. I called my aunt, and she confirmed. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. JB was a positive member of our community in Santa Fe and was idolized and loved in his city and throughout the state. His death has left a gaping hole in our family and in the hearts of all who loved him throughout the country. The hurt, grief and anger I felt from losing him is indescribable.

Common sense gun laws save lives. Secure gun storage saves lives.
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