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Fred Guttenberg

In memory of Jaime Orange Ribbons For Jaime

My daughter Jaime was murdered in the Parkland school shooting. Every moment of my life is different. I spend every moment thinking of my daughter and the fear that she had running from a gunman with an AR-15 at her back. Our life, which used to revolve around her dance activities, has changed. Our days now include scheduling a visit to the cemetery. My days, which used to begin and end greeting my daughter and telling her that I loved her, now begin and end with me crying over her loss. My evenings, which used to involve watching favorite TV shows such as Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, are now emptier. Her friends are now having Sweet 16s, and for me, it is very hard to watch, as I will never experience that. I used to dream of her first boyfriend, first job, college and walking her down the aisle. I miss my daughter, and it does not get easier.

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