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Gail Erdos

In memory of Shannon

I worked at Planned Parenthood for 14 years. In 1994, a gunman came into our clinic and murdered my friend and coworker, Shannon. He injured others. He then drove down the street and murdered the receptionist, Lee Ann, at another women’s health clinic. This was a Friday, and I didn’t work Fridays. Upon getting this news, my life was forever changed. Shannon was my friend. She was the brightest light, which is why when people entered our clinic, in often very emotional states, she was the first person they’d come in contact with. She just had a calming presence.

I was raised with awareness about gun reform. My parents were members of The Brady Campaign from its inception. Since that time, every few years, on December 30, we (who worked there then) gather to be together and honor Shannon. It’s in her honor that I am part of Moms Demand Action. Through this, I have become reacquainted with her brother, Liam, who is part of the Survivor Network. It is of comfort when one of us is speaking at an event and we talk about Shannon. She is missed….

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