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George H. Kemp Jr - aka My Cowboy

In memory of George H. Kemp Jr No Weapon #1Life Empowerment Foundation www.noweapon1life.org

Twenty years of life was not enough for us! My Texas cowboy and only son, George, was stolen from us in 2013. His life was just beginning to take off to the heights that he wanted to achieve by becoming a diesel mechanic. Yes, this cowboy wanted to have a career working offshore!

You never, ever think about your child being murdered. Nothing could ever prepare you as a parent for the nightmare that would unfold, knowing that someone could take a gun and murder your child. George would be 28 this year, and I am truly still stuck at 20 because my son will forever be 20 years old. I stay on the frontlines fighting for common sense gun reform so that others don’t have to live in this never-ending black hole of grief. Say his name: “George H. Kemp Jr.” I’m George Kemp’s Mama! Calandrian!

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