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George H. Kemp Sr. and Calandrian Simpson Kemp

In memory of George Kemp Jr.

Finally, July 7, 1993, arrived, when my son made his entrance into this world after nine long months on growing in a safe and secure womb. When the nurse handed my husband, George Sr., our new package, he put the baby’s face next to my face so I could feel his presence. I had a rough time bringing him into the world, and once I felt my baby, I knew it was all worth it and I could now rest in assurance that my labor was not in vain. We named him George Harold Kemp Jr.

George aka “Lil George” grew up a fun-loving child, who loved to play jokes on everyone. He would especially love to play hide-and-seek and could pick the best hiding places. At age 4, Lil George was introduced to the sport of football, and he grew to love it! He went on to play football for Navarro Junior College and received a “Championship Ring.” Lil George was a cowboy and loved his horses: Lil Mamma, RackDaddy and Showtime, which he called his “children.” He was proud that he was the “baby boy” of the family, and he loved getting the attention of his older sisters and would work their nerves, but their payback blessed him with nieces and nephews that he would babysit! He truly embraced the role of “uncle”!

The turn, what happened! Phone rings, sorry to inform you your son was shot and did not “survive.” What!? Who? Not my son?! Oh Lord, now I feel like the gates of hell just flung open, and now my entire family is living in a nightmare that we can’t wake up from. You see it took me nine months to grow a child in my womb and for my family nine months to await his arrival and it took less than three seconds for a bullet(s) to kill him. You’ve got to be kidding me, this is a messed-up deal. How do we continue our lives without the baby we named George, remember, who came into the world from a safe and secure environment. What changed?

THE GUNS! Where did the guns come from? Since the murder of our son, it is now our life mission to keep guns out of the hands of those individuals who should not have them to ensure another child doesn’t have to be killed senselessly. This is how WE, our family, now create “Moments to Survive.” We shall forever stand on the front lines of gun violence to bring awareness about laws that make “common sense.”

Everyday, we awake to no Lil George. We reflect on his “hide-and-seek” games and say this is not funny, where are you, you can come out now, we have had enough of you hiding. Only to realize Lil George is now gone forever! “Everyday is our Forever… Fighting and Pursing Justice for those who have been silenced. #TEAMKEMP

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