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Giselle Morch

In memory of Jaycee M.O.M.S. Mother of Murdered Son's and Daughter's United

On July 19, 2017, my life changed. My only son, Jaycee, was murdered in our home. He was robbed and shot, contact gunshot wound to the chest. Jaycee was always smiling, laughing, telling jokes. So positive and upbeat.

On the morning of his last day on Earth, he and one of his friends went to McDonald’s to get fruit and yogurt parfait. As a result, every Wednesday I eat a fruit and yogurt McDonald’s parfait to stay connected. Every 19th of the month, I will go to place flowers where Jaycee’s body lays. I know that my son is in Heaven with Jesus, and others. My family keeps the remembrance of Jaycee alive by preparing meals that he loves, sharing stories about how he has touched each of us. We look for ways to make sure that Jaycee is not forgotten, going to various events where loved ones are remembered (i.e., the Water Lantern festival). One of my daughters named her son Jaycee. Just this year we will be having a night walk with lanterns from his park bench to another park. His sisters and other family members make sure that Jaycee is not forgotten in their own special ways.

I have tried to take on an active role to encourage his friends. I have been involved with Moms Demand Action, M.O.M.S ( Mother’s of Murdered Sons and Daughters) and have attended POMC (Parents of Murdered Children’s conference), to name a few. I find myself being an advocate to make sure that this does not happen to someone else. Only someone who has experienced the trauma can relate to someone else. I miss hearing my son say, “Have a blessed day, beautiful, and be safe.” I miss his hugs and just JAYCEE period.

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