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Grandma pat

In memory of Lisa Menzo santoro

My daughter was murdered two years ago by her live-in partner. She was the most loving mom, friend, sister and daughter. Lisa was my best friend. She was taken from four beautiful children. There was a order of protection, just a piece of paper…there was a police department that does not respond to domestic violence. They are ill-trained, lack common sense and continually ignored the warning signs and refused to remove the man from her home. This took place in Palmer Township, Easton, Pennsylvania … a place where you can buy a shotgun anytime.

When will something be done? National common-sense laws must be adopted. It cannot be different from state to state. Background checks essential … types of firearms essential … national database tracking purchases of guns and ammunition … internet sales of guns, ammo and parts that turn firearms into weapons used in the military … Nobody wants to take away firearms from sportsmen or people who feel they need protection … but we need to train, restrict, secure so that the people who have guns are sane and responsible.

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