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Greg Henry

In memory of Emily Todd

Senseless, horrific and tragic. Those printed words can’t begin to express the emotions surrounding the murder of my niece. Her innocence and endless optimism towards the world were taken from our family.

The overwhelming sadness engulfing my sister (Emily’s mom) is something that I didn’t think existed. Her glow that shines through in the photo has been extinguished. There’s a void that no matter how hard any of us try to fill, will remain empty because a coward used a gun to take the life of one of the most pure and caring people on this planet.

Emily’s murder has given me resolve. Resolve to do whatever I can with the time I have remaining on this earth to enact changes in our society and legal system, as both failed my niece terribly.

I will honor my niece’s memory by focusing on being a more kind and giving person, which began on Dec 9, 2018.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.