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In honor and memory of Josiah JoJo Brisco

The day I lost my son was the day of the beginning to an end. The end of not cherishing every moment of life, the end to putting things off until tomorrow and the end to not talking to my daughters everyday. I forever will live life intentionally and on purpose with purpose.

On June 25, 2020, a day after his sister’s 16th birthday, my son, Josiah, answered a knock on our front door not knowing that on the other side was a person who decided that day was the day to take his life by gun violence. This was the day that a part of me was taken too.

My son was shot twice after an argument was overheard by my daughter, who was home. On June 27, 2020, my son was pronounced dead. A bullet that pressed through my son’s brain was irreconcilable; nothing more the doctors could do. We don’t know who did this senseless killing, yet I forgive you and forever will stand up against gun violence. Rest in peace, my son. Momma loves you, and you’re never forgotten!

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