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In honor of both of our princesses

In honor of Gabriella Gutierrez Rodriguez and Emilia Garza

Christmas Eve 2019 was the last night I would ever see my daughter’s smile and her gorgeous dimples. My daughter was 33 weeks pregnant, and we were looking forward to the arrival of our first granddaughter, Emilia. Loved by so many, Gabby had her life taken by an act of violence on Christmas Day as she dropped off her two sons to their father at his home.

Unfortunately, because of the trauma my daughter endured by being shot in the head at close range by an unlicensed handgun and an unlicensed gun owner, neither she nor her unborn child survived. Her sons were witnesses to this gruesome murder. Furthermore, the boys’ father then turned the gun and killed himself in front of his two sons. At the time of investigation, a total of seven unlicensed assault weapons and handguns were taken from the home.

Gabby was a beautiful soul. She was loved by so many. It is beautiful to hear how huge an impact she had on so many at such a young age. She was a successful 24-year-old entrepreneur who had just received her accreditation to be an aesthetician. She is greatly missed!

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