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Irene Diaz

Irene’s sister Janie was a victim of domestic violence during her 15-year marriage. Twice her husband threatened her with a gun and even shot at her. When she found the courage to leave, he chased her, as she ran for her life, and shot her in her heart. She died under a streetlight in Phoenix at age 30. This had a lifelong traumatic impact on Irene and changed the essence of who she is. Moms Demand Action and the Everytown Survivor Network have given Irene a voice to fight against this deadly violence. Speaking up is therapeutic because she knows it may save someone’s life.

Gerry’s younger brother, Officer Adam Hills, was ambushed by a man with an AK-47 while on vacation. His death changed Gerry’s life forever.

Kirstin found out while she was at her mother’s house that her baby sister had been shot and killed by her boyfriend, who had an arsenal of weapons. Kirstin’s continuing to heal and is honored to fight to protect families that have been broken by gun violence. She does it for her Ma, for all Moms, siblings, families and survivors of gun violence. “May our voices sing for proper legislative change.

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