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In memory of Joshua Tibbs

On August 5, 2017, my son was murdered at the age of 23. Mistaken identity: He was driving his friend’s vehicle; the target was for his friend. Murdered with a gun that was not registered, in the hands of the wrong person. My son’s life was taken from me for one night of fun for the killer, who thought it was OK to open fire into a moving vehicle, releasing several rounds into the truck.

My life has forever changed. These past two years have been so hard; he was my youngest son, my baby. I worry about my oldest son all the time now, when he is out with his friends. A piece of my heart is gone. I try and stay involved with activities, but it is really hard when your heart is in so much pain.

Gun violence is the worst crime ever. I will forever hold the gun, the wrong person with the gun, for taking my son’s life so soon. Guns need to be taken off the streets if you are not registered or have had some classes.

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