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Jack Edward Hutchins

In memory of Jack E Hutchins

On a cold November night in 2013, my nephew, Jack, age 55, was gunned down outside his home while bringing dinner home to his family. Four teenage boys, from ages 15 to 19, were out searching for someone to rob to get gas money for the car they had stolen in another town.

The 15-year-old put five bullets in Jack’s body, and the 17-year-old also landed a shot as Jack was trying to get back to the safety of his truck he had just exited …

They left him in the cold, with the $500 from his paycheck untouched …

Jack would have given them his money … Jack cared more about his blended family of eight children, who lost their dad that night, then he ever cared about money.

The neighbors had a vigil for him and resounded how Jack was always there for those in need and could fix or build most anything to perfection … including a mixed family, filled with love, that was smashed to pieces that cold November night.

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