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Jaime Ann Carleton

I am a domestic violence survivor. I was fortunate enough to live through a situation when my abuser and ex-husband was in a fit of rage. He and came angrily into our kitchen, forced me to get on my knees and held a loaded shotgun to my head. At the time, our youngest daughter, who was only 14 months old, walked into the room, distracting her father with her presence. I believe this action saved my life, but all of us could have been killed. My children and I are lucky to have lived through this incident as well as other domestic violence incidents perpetuated by him.

The trauma still lives deeply inside of me and impacts me and my family to this very day. In fact the effects of this gun violence from my abuser caused me to be awarded disability. It’s been 38 years, and I still struggle with the trauma and PTSD from gun violence.

I am grateful to Everytown Survivor Network and Moms Demand Action for their support and that National Gun Violence Survivors Week has been proclaimed in February.

I’m praying for a peaceful Earth, where every living being is safe from gun violence.

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