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In memory of Ebony M. Sheppard

My beautiful daughter Ebony was shot on the night of December 26, 2017. That night has changed my life forever. She was going to her car to move it around to the front, so the baby and I didn’t have to walk in the drizzle, when some kid just walked up to her to rob her and shot her because she was screaming. We stood in the doorway waiting for her, and then we heard the gunshot. We ran outside and still didn’t see her. My brother found her lying by her car. When I ran to the car, she was unconscious. I called her name and screamed MOMMY IS HERE BABY. I LOVE YOU!! She heard me because she sprang up! There was too much damage for her to talk.

Ebony was a very talented, sweet woman who would give the shirt off her back. She loved everything and everybody. She especially loved her 5-year-old son, Ian. He was the love of her life. She loved being around family or doing her drawings and crafts. She loved horror movies, and she made dolls and drawings of horror characters. She attended the horror convention every year to meet movie stars that loved her work. She loved to make jewelry also.

The night she was shot changed our whole world. Things will never be the same for my family. I don’t trust anyone. I scream at loud noises. Her son cries for her because he don’t understand why his mommy left him. Her sister is in a dark place now and trusts no one. I witnessed my child lying in the street bleeding from her head from the gunshot wound. I witnessed my child try and raise up, trying to tell me something. The image has ran through my mind day and night for over a year. There has not been one day going by that I have not cried. Not one day. My dear child is gone because some stupid kid wanted to kill someone that night. He gets to be protected, eat, sleep, watch TV, and get visitors and phone calls. It’s not freaking fair!! That’s what pisses me off! My baby don’t get any of that, she didn’t even get a chance to talk him out of shooting her. She didn’t get a chance at anything. He’s a freaking coward!! I don’t wish this kind of pain and heartache on anyone. I would be OK if I could just stop thinking of what I saw that night and the fact that my baby will never come home. I pray justice will be served soon and very soon.

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