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In memory of Paul Jaxson Hoffman

On September 14, 2020, my 10-year-old cousin, Paul Jaxson Hoffman (we called him Jaxson for short), was shot and killed by my 8-year-old cousin. He died instantly.

My cousins were playing Fortnite together. My 8-year-old cousin got second place, and that outraged him. (The non-family member there described him as “raging.”) He went to my uncle’s room and grabbed the gun that was on the top shelf (he got it using a step stool from his room). Jaxson, out of pure curiosity, followed him. My 8-year-old cousin aimed the gun at him and pulled the trigger, and Jaxson died instantly. He ran a couple feet to my 8-year-old cousin’s bedroom, where he collapsed on the floor.

My uncle (the owner of the gun) was outside with my 4-year-old cousin, playing ball in the garage, when he heard a loud bang, which he thought was a kid jumping off of the bed. He went upstairs to check anyway. When he got upstairs, he saw Jaxson on his back, not breathing.

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