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Jennifer Lawlor

In memory of Emily Todd

Dec 8th, 2018 my 25 year old daughter Emily didn’t come home. I’d last seen her at 8:45 pm. We chatted, hugged and said goodnight.

After dozens of unsuccessful attempts to reach her an incredible panic set in. Eight hours later our lives shattered with pain that’s indescribable. A body had been found overnight 35 minutes from our home. It was my beautiful Emily.

Eighteen days before she’d met someone on a popular dating app. Before long she sensed he wasn’t a good fit for her. After telling him he threatened to kill himself. She called 911 and a high speed chase ensued. It was called off but police did not continue to look for him. She felt guilty knowing the reality of his life, primarily his lack of family support, when she had such a large loving family. He asked to meet for coffee and say goodbye before leaving for his dad’s home in Ohio. They did get coffee and then he brought her to an empty waterfront and shot her within 90 minutes of when she’d left our home.

It’s been 420 days since she was taken from us and nothing has made sense to me since.

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