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My ex-husband had a gun, and when he was being abusive, he would threaten to kill my son, me, and then himself with it in order to get me to obey him. Thankfully his mom called the police, and I was able to get out of that situation. Since then, I have always been a little wary about guns and never thought that I would purchase one.

I bought some chickens and ducks, but eventually the wild animals found them. So, I bought a .22 long rifle to protect our animals.

A few days before Christmas, someone broke into our home, so I grabbed the gun to protect us. My gun was taken from me by the intruder and then used against me. I can never describe the horror of having that same gun held on me while I was assaulted by this man, nor the horror of hoping he wouldn’t harm my children. Sadly, he only got aggravated burglary and didn’t have to register on an offender list. He was able to hurt another female, which he is now serving time for. I will never forget this night nor completely heal from the damage it did to me.

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