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Jessica Nolen

In honor of Gage Nolen

I just want to ask: When at any time is picking up a gun, whether you think its unloaded or loaded, and pointing it at someone and pulling the trigger is it called a accident? Well, this is what happened to my beautiful son, who had only been 16 not even a month. His best friend — well, they actually considered each other brothers — pulled a gun out and pointed it at my son’s neck and pulled the trigger and killed my son over a front seat. Then he said I didn’t know it was loaded. Does it matter? You made the decision knowing it was wrong to pull a gun out and point it at someone, especially someone you call your brother, and made the decision to pull the trigger. He knows right from wrong. The police considered this an accident because he said he didn’t know it was loaded. No!!! You pointed a gun at my beautiful precious son, my best friend, and pulled the trigger!!! Not an accident. Gage was a beautiful person inside and out, would do anything for anybody, he did not deserve this.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.