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Jody Marchand

Live for Liv Foundation

On February 1, 2010, my husband shot and killed my 17-year-old daughter, Olivia, shot me in the head, then killed himself with a Glock. He was a hunter, so I was not afraid of guns being in the house, and he said the Glock would be used to hunt as well as for target practice. Later I learned a Glock is a powerful firearm used by the military, by police, as well as law-abiding citizens.

I was a victim of domestic violence — not physical abuse, but emotional abuse. Domestic violence is about power and control: After 30 years together, he knew he was losing control, and wanted it until the very end.

I survived the gunshot wound that entered my left temple, shattered my jaw and now sits in my right shoulder. The scar is a constant reminder of the guilt and shame I will forever feel for not escaping that day, as well as many times prior.

My mission is to tell anyone who will listen so they may learn the signs of abuse, and learn that abusive behavior doesn’t change — and gets worse as time goes on.

I am survivor, telling my story, and keeping Olivia’s memory alive.

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