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John and Regina Jenkins

In honor of Tre' Lane The Tre' Devon Lane Foundation

On September 22, 2012 my 19 year old son Tre’ was shot and killed by a senseless act of gun violence. He was my only child. My son was in a neighborhood that he always felt safe in; it is the neighborhood where I grew up in.

Someone shot into a crowd of people and my son jump in front of two young ladies to save their life. My son died a hero! Tre’ was tall 6’4 tall and lanky. His smile and when he flashed his dimples they would light up the room. He was kind, gentle, and loved basketball.

We try not to focus on how Tre’ died, but more importantly we celebrate how he lived his life, a journey that we shared in our book “After the Storm.” And while every day is difficult without Tre’, we honor him through his foundation, Tre’ Devon Lane Foundation; so his name and legacy lives on. The work we are doing as Survivor Fellows to end senseless gun violence in his honor. What keeps us going is knowing that the work we are doing each day with Moms Demand Action and Everytown is not only changing lives but saving lives.

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