Join us on June 7-9th for Wear Orange, as we unite in our call to end gun violence and honor the more than 120 people who are shot and killed, and hundreds more who are wounded and traumatized, every day in our country. Read some of the stories of those affected by gun violence below.

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In memory of Joseph "Bunkin" Alexander II 1975

My name is Joseph Alexander II, but family and friends referred to me as “Bunkin” or “Bunk.” I was a tall, handsome, charismatic and outgoing person that was loved by many people far and near. I was a new father to an infant son, Jayceon Anthony, who was only 2 months old at the time of my death.

On Thursday, April 19, 2018, at approximately 11:25 p.m., I went to the Mini Mart located at 800 Carlson, which sits adjacent from Monterey Pines, formerly known as “Kennedy Manor,” to buy some snack foods for my friends and myself. Upon leaving the store, a car full of hopeless and careless individuals decided that they wanted to steal my life for no reason at all. Just like most cases in urban areas where young black men are gunned down, NOBODY saw or heard NOTHING. A couple of witnesses were able to give authorities some tips, which are still being investigated to this day. I know that someone knows exactly who is responsible for taking my life but is afraid to come forth with that key piece of information needed for police to make an arrest and charge those responsible for this horrible act they committed. My father is working day in and day out to find exactly who did this to me.

Keep my son and the rest of my family in prayer as they have to deal daily with the harsh reality of my untimely demise. If you have a heart and know anything pertaining to this matter, no matter how small you think the info is, please call (510)621-1212 extension 1933. You can leave a message on the voicemail.

These random acts of violence are happening far to often in the inner city, and you know the people have the key information needed to solve the case, but in the hood people don’t want to be referred to as “snitches” or “informants.” I hope that as a community we can come together and get these terrible human beings who terrorize our communities for no reason at all OFF OUR STREETS. People who take lives because they feel like it don’t deserve to dwell in our communities.

RIP to my first born child “BUNKIN.” I will continue to fight for justice until the person responsible is put away FOREVER.

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