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Judy Thomas

In 2006, I was walking to my car from the train station here in the Bay Area of San Francisco. I was surrounded by three guys who put a gun to my head and told me they were going to kill me if I moved. I moved anyway. A fight occurred, they beat me in the head severely and tried to murder me. The third time I went down, I saw stars and thought I might not live if they hit one more time. I am a military veteran! That soldier in me woke up, saved my life along with the mercy of almighty God! It forever changed my life!

I have been permanently disabled ever since. Had to even give my up-and-coming Macy’s career in the buying office of San Francisco. Been under the care of both psychiatrists and medicine for brain issues, including PTSD. Not to mention the physical effects I still deal with…

I am a trained as soldier; I believe in reasonable gun control. And as a hunter, you don’t need a magazine-type weapon to kill while hunting. And if you don’t eat what you kill, well, you’re not a true hunter, anyway!! I even have a service dog. Life is always worth living, but it has been a challenge to protect my rights and help educate the rest of you, who have no CLUE!


Join us all, pray hard that next, it’s not you in my shoes!

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.