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In honor of Julian Patterson

I couldn’t wait to have my Julian. He IS my greatest joy. I remember when he started preschool and how he would always help the little girls zip up their coats or when ran out of his shoe playing football as he surprised himself intercepting the ball. I remember his kindness towards others, his laughter and how much he loved his family and friends. How much he loved me. He was my rock and my reason to stay strong after losing his dad. He attended St. Paul’s school, where he learned about Jesus and the Bible until eighth grade and then attended and graduated high school. He was active in sports and played soccer, basketball and football. But most importantly, he was kind and looked out for others who were less fortunate or just needed a hand. He was funny, thoughtful and a bit stubborn.:) His life was taken at just 20 years old by three thugs who were out to rob him and his friend. He will forever be loved and missed by his family, friends and especially by me, his mom. I love you Julian James Patterson!

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