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Julie and William Nuño

In memory of JONATHAN NUÑO

Our Jonathan was only 26 years old and loving life when he was shot and murdered for NO REASON????. Every day is torture ,waking up to this excruciating pain of emptiness, loneliness and heartbreak. All we ask is why? Why this monster took our Jonathan’s life, WHY?

We will never be able to hug, kiss or spoil grandchildren from him, as he had no children ?.

We will never see Jonathan

* Get married
* Buy a house
* Hear him laugh out loud
* His beautiful smile
* Cook out on weekends
* Feel his kisses
* Talk to him
* Watch football
* Celebrate his birthday
* Share holidays
* Grow old

This is how gun violence has affected our lives forever. We will miss our JONATHAN4EVER4LIFE!!!!!

Julie and William Nuño

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