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In memory of Jordan Xavier High (JustUS4Jordan)

Jordan was our third and last child: an avid athlete, a star basketball player and amateur boxer! So handsome, tall and muscular! He was the comedian of our family and would “rank” on anybody just to make me and his daddy laugh! On November 4, 2019, someone shot and killed our 24-year-old Jordan, taking him from us, his sister, his brother and his two-year-old son, Legend.

Life is now complicated; although we know who killed Jordan, the person or persons have yet to be arrested. Here’s the take I now have: I have forgiven this lost soul who pulled the trigger, for whatever reason they felt the need to do so. I forgive them for the act because I know that, had they known who they were killing, they would not have done so. That said, when the story is told and when justice comes to the surface, I just want the person to “get it”—to understand that a gun solves nothing and that using one only creates more pain, and not only for the person’s life you took.

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