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In memory of Draya Michelle Guillory

Our beautiful six year old was taken from us so soon by gun violence … We’re hoping it will help END THIS GUN violence …
Innocent lives are being taken! Families are being destroyed.

We’re hoping that in memory of Draya, everyone will come together to help END GUN VIOLENCE!

Draya was the sweetest little girl anyone could ever meet; she was so friendly. And she INSTANTLY made friends wherever she was … We would go to the park, and she would go up to the little girl or boy and say, “Hey, my name is Draya, do you wanna be friends and play?” And boy, was she the best big sister! Her sister was literally her shadow. And Draya didn’t play no games about her! Draya was so smart; her teachers would always have compliments about how good her behavior was. She was a huge TikTok fan! One day she would’ve been TikTok famous!

Nothing hurts worse than losing a child. No, mother should ever have to bury her child. I really pray and hope this gun violence ends …

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