October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Read and share stories to honor survivors whose lives have been changed by domestic violence.

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Kate Hairrell

I am a survivor of the Las Vegas Route 91 shooting. I remember singing and dancing the night away with my forever friends, enjoying our third and final day at Route 91. I remember singing God Bless America with Big and Rich; I also remember looking up at my husband and saying, “This is it, this is happiness, this is what life is all about.” Moments later the unthinkable happened. Fifty-eight deaths, 851 injuries, and 22,000 people‚Äôs lives were forever changed.

I am forever grateful for my friends for protecting me that night, for the complete strangers that helped my friend Monico, who had been shot in the back, for the first responders, for the hospital staff, and for the entire city of Las Vegas. But most importantly, for my family and friends that have lifted me up and helped me navigate this journey. They have taught me that LOVE WILL WIN. That even in the darkest moments, there is always a light. That even when bad things happen, good can come of it. To always enjoy the little things. To smile at a stranger. To tell a loved one what they truly mean to you. To be the good in this world, always, no matter what, and that way LOVE WINS.

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