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In memory of Emily Todd

I am writing this to tell you about my best friend of 20 years, who was murdered by a monster who she knew for less then two weeks.

Emily was the kindest, most genuine person I have ever known. She taught me so much in our short 20-year friendship. She taught me to be kind, to accept others no matter what, and she taught me how to love with absolutely no limits. If you knew Emily, you were and are forever blessed.

As I sit here holding my 3-month-old daughter, my heart hurts, knowing my baby will never be able to meet Emily. Emily was so excited when I told her she was going to be an auntie. She loved my daughter from the time she was the size of a poppy seed in my belly. My daughter was supposed to be able to grow up spending time with her auntie Emmy.

Something has to change.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.