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Katie Collins

I was held up at gunpoint one night as I walked up onto my porch to pick up my mail. As I turned to walk down the steps, a man was standing at the bottom wearing a hoodie. Though I was frightened, my initial reaction was that he was from the group home two doors away and was going to ask for a cigarette. He raised the gun to my face as I told him he must never walk up behind someone like that because it scared me and something could happen. I remember that his hand holding the gun was shaking. And that he was probably as scared as I was; making him more unpredictable.

He demanded my backpack. Striking me in the head with the gun as he grabbed a strap, causing me to fall the last two steps. As I lay there on my stomach, I covered my head, knowing that it was where he would shoot me. I remember how angry I felt, knowing I was going to die over a book of stamps and a few dollars in change. That my backpack was worth much much more and that it would be simply discarded. I finally raised myself from my prone position as I realized he must have left.

To this day I believe that the gun was unloaded. That otherwise he most likely would have shot me in his fear and adrenaline rush of the moment.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.