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Kenneth Ray Sampson

In memory of Kenneth Ray Sampson

Hello, my name is Corinthia Sampson. I was affected by gun violence when I watched an off-duty police officer shoot my twin in the heart. He went down and died next to me on the ground. A night I will never erase from my mind.

It started as my twin and I were going to be peacemakers during a sibling disagreement. After my brother wasn’t getting any solutions to the problem, he walked away. The off-duty officer called him back, grabbed the on-duty officer’s gun and shot my twin in the heart. He died on the scene.

Never will he have kids, neither will he get to be that artist he so desired to be. The was never justice for my twin. That night, my mom, sister and brother were taken to jail for disturbing the peace. My mom didn’t know her son was dead until she was released from jail.

For 40+ years I’ve prayed for closure. He was just an innocent peacemaker on that sad night. I miss my twin so much. I pray daily to be a help to anyone that’s going through any type of violence. I died that night too.

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